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Group Introduction


25 years professional experience in light source manufacturing and 8 years packaging experience with strong cost control ability, enabling Jadens not only having tremendous strength to produce ODM and OEM products, but also ensuring that it is a kind of competitive and innovative partner for long term development.


Jadens has obtained a patent right protection on the production of white LED so that we are hassle free of any patent authorized issue.


Jadens, headquartered in HK, is a manufacturer of environmental friendly LED light products with a plant based at Dongguan, Guangdong Province, PRC


Jadens has already obtained the certifications of ISO 9001: 2000, the most authoritative constitutor, who ensures the products to be developed, manufactured and provided with high efficiency, safety, and environmental protection.


Jadens passed the certification in 1990s, which proved our capability of meeting the demanding requirements of the clients, laws and regulations. Moreover, it shows that Jadens is able to manage products in a quality, systematized mode. In the manufacturing, all possible means are provided so as to satisfy the expectations from clients and thereafter to set up a good relationship with them.


Jadens has been awarded certifications including UL, CSA, ETL, BS ,GS and 3C, which proved that we are able to carry out the design, development, production, transportation, installment and service of products within American, British, German and European standard.